Bullard Structural Fire Helmets

UST Series

Fiberglass construction. Choose traditional style in an affordable, easy to maintain design. Also available with a matte finish.

FX Series

Fiberglass construction. A lightweight helmet made for heavy duty. Includes models that meet CE requirements and U.S. Navy requirements.

PX Series

Thermoplastic construction. Get a contemporary look with lightweight feel. Available in models to meet Australian standards.

LT Series

Thermoplastic construction. The most comfortable low profile helmet on the market.

USRX Series

Lightweight, streamlined and engineered for extreme search and rescue operations. Certified to NFPA 1971-2013 and NFPA 1951-2013.


Magma® offers firefighters the latest in fire helmet design and technology, providing the flexibility to configure a helmet to exact requirements.


Eight bright white LEDs protected behind a heat-resistant glass with no external clips, brackets or wires.


Expanding on the expertise we developed in the manufacturing of hard hats, Bullard began building structural firefighter helmets in the 1930s. As with all our products, continuous improvement has benefited our line of award-winning helmets. From the traditional to the contemporary, our helmets are proven performers in the demanding firefighting environment.

If you need help deciding what fire helmet best suits your needs, be sure to check out our guide to Choosing A Fire Helmet.

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