FXE Fire Helmet

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The FXE fiberglass, contemporary-style structural fire helmet is designed to withstand frequent exposure to chemicals and hydrocarbons. The helmet incorporates recommendations from veteran fire professionals from around the world.

Klein Zimmern Fire Department Equipped with FXE Fire Helmets

Since 2006, the Klein Zimmern Fire Department has been equipped with the Bullard Firedome FXE Fire Helmet. Thanks to Fire Chief Markus Geßner, whose department tested several helmets on the market and chose the Bullard FXE because of the helmets' comfort with adjustment points that allow for a custom fit. The FXE is EN 443 and NFPA certified.

Shown in the photo is the Klein Zimmern team with their helmets and a Bullard T3MAX Thermal Imager. Fire Chief Markus Ge├čner is available to answer questions regarding the FXE and can be reached at gessner@mediatec.de or 06071-72223.

Haselünne Fire Department

In January 2003, Fire Chief Rolf Thelen toured the New York Fire Department in the U.S. with 13 fire men thanks to a donation from the Steuben Association. Since the Bullard FXE is standard in the U.S., the Chief had the opportunity to test the helmet in a flashover training. The department purchased 25 FXE helmets. According to the Chief, he hopes to equip his whole team with this helmet. Fire Chief Rolf Thelen can be reached at www.feuerwehr-haseluenne.de


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