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Bullard AirGuard takes monitoring your breathing air into the 21st Century with its extra-large 7” color LCD screen and advanced technology. AirGuard enables you to:

  • Clearly See Your Air Status
  • Intuitively Calibrate
  • Easily access OSHA Data Logs


  • 1. Available in 4 sizes: 1, 2, 4, and 8 outlets

  • 2. Visual and audible alarm warnings

  • 3. Made with a rugged Pelican® case

  • 4. Remote Alarm available

  • 5. Filter Change Indicator

  • 6. Wilkerson 3 Stage Filtration System that removes oil, water, solid particles, unpleasant odor and taste from the system

  • 7. Includes pressure regulator

  • 8. CO and differential dew point sensors

  • 9. Relief Valve

  • 10. Portable – battery-operated, rechargeable

  • 11. External quick connect calibration port

Airguard Features
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Color Skins

Remote Alarm

The AirGuard is available with a remote alarm to provide workers with an early warning indicator to seek safety from a hazardous work environment.

Color Skins

Calibration Kit

The AirGuard utilizes auto-calibration to verify the Box’s sensors are functioning properly.

Product Literature

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