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Get 5 free Blasting Respirator helmets with purchase of a Blasting with the Best bundle:

1 – Bulk Pack of Inner and Outer Lenses
5 – AC1000 Climate Flow Control
5 – Black Airline Starter Hose with Industrial Fittings
1 – COHP (Airline CO Monitor)
1 – AirGladiator (TR6)
1 – calibration pack

Pick 5 of either, 88VX or GVX respirators, for free!

Upgrade to AirGuard

  • 3 Stage filtration
  • Data logging with removable USB
  • 7″ Color display
  • Calibration scheduling with auto-calibration process

Blast with the Best!

If you are a PPE decision maker and familiar with your company’s respiratory protection requirements start the conversation here!
(Certain conditions may apply)

START YOUR Journey Here:

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