Modern Meets Traditional Toughness

A century of head protection innovation defines the Bullard CEN10™ Helmet. Designed to provide wearers with the reliability, comfort, and toughness expected from a Bullard industrial hard hat.


CEN10 Features

The Perfect Fit

The FlexGlide™ suspension system in the CEN10 lets wearers auto-adjust the fit of their helmet for all-day comfort. Bullard offers the only auto-adjusting suspension on the market.


Face Protection

Face Protection

Add face protection with Bullard’s 312B bracket that can be used with any Bullard visor.



CEN10 is available in six distinctive colors and with striping and logos.



Stay connected and safe on the job with the BCX hands-free, wireless communication system.



Add Bullard’s Lite 360 to the CEN10 for added safety and visibility.

Product Literature

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the CEN10 different from a traditional hard hat?

The CEN10 is a hardhat designed to be modern and comparable to a helmet worn in sporting activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, etc. Unlike traditional Type I hard hats, CEN10 is little to no brim, has a foam insert rather than a suspension, and comes with a built-in chinstrap.

What are the different “Types” of hard hat?

A Type I hardhat provides for protection from blows to the top of the head ONLY based on standards provided by ANSI/ISEA in the United States. These hardhats typically have a strap suspension inside, but this is not always the case.
A Type II hardhat provides for protection from blows to both the top and to the sides of the head based on standards provided by ANSI/ISEA in the United States. These hardhats typically have a foam insert to allow for side impact protection.

The CEN10 and other “Climbing Style Hats” have foam inside, does this mean they are Type II and provide side impact protection?

Although Type II hardhats typically have foam inside, all hats that have foam do not necessarily provide Type II protection. Many of these new hats are Type I despite having foam inside. You should always check the label or verbiage inside the hardhat to verify which “Type” the hat is.

The foam inside covers part of the side of my head, does it not provide any side impact protection?

This foam on the side of the CEN10 may provide additional side impact protection when compared to a Type I hardhat, but it does not meet the qualifications for a Type II hardhat. The extent of side impact protection for the CEN10 today is currently being tested in our facilities.

The label inside the hat mentions “Class.” What are the different classes and what do they signify?

“Class” for hardhats is a measure of the hat’s ability to resist electrical current and is also determined by standards provided by ANSI/ISEA in the United States. Hardhat classes include Class E (Electrical), Class G (General), and Class C (Conductive). Class E is the highest electrical rating and the hats are tested to 20,000 volts. Class G is tested to 2,200 volts. Finally, Class C does not provide for any electrical protection.

What class is my CEN10 helmet?

The CEN10 is currently available in both vented and non-vented. The vented CEN10 is Class C, while the non-vented CEN10 meets Class E & G.


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