Bullard Save A Life Club


Department - Manatee County Search and Rescue

Location - Parrish, Florida

Rescuers - Commander Jared Leggett, Logistics Officer Sheena Leggett, Training Officer Michael Dvorack, and K9 Kanin


Member - Mike Stromberg

Department - Joliet Fire Dept.

Location - Joliet, Illinois

Rescuers - John Merriman - Captain Brian Baudek - Apparatus Operator

Description - Joliet Fire Dept. on December 12, 2016 was dispatched to a structure fire 1 block away from their station. Engine 5 found fire through the back roof of the building with occupants in the interior stairwell stating someone went back inside and did not come out. Captain Merriman, along with Apparatus Operator Brian Baudek, found heavy smoke to the floor and began their second story search. The search team thermal imager saw a hand trying to open a window, so the crew grabbed the victims arm and pulled him to the stairwell.


Department - Marion County Fire Rescue

Location - Ocala, Florida

Rescuers - Firefighters: Lieutenant Robert Kruger, Lieutenant Bob Walsh, Engineer Michael Hoover, Engineer Daniel Tew, Firefighter/EMT Charles Carey, and Firefighter/EMT Levi Nevels


Department - Harrison Township Fire Department

Location - Dayton, OH

Rescuers - Firefighters Chad Brown, Bob Spirk, Ryan Moore, Caleb Stelzer and Lieutenant Andy Follick

Survivors - One adult


Department - Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Departmen

Location - Dayton, OH

Rescuers - Engine 13, Engine 20, Engine 28, Squad 12 and Ladder 1 from C Shift

Survivors - Four adults and two children


Department - Harrison Township Fire Department

Location - Dayton, OH

Rescuers - Firefighters Chad Brown, Bob Spirk, Ryan Moore, Caleb Stelzer and Lieutenant Andy Follick

Survivors - Two children


Department - Swan River Fire Department

Location - Swan River, Manitoba

Rescuers - Firefighters Jordan Rooks and Steven Gillis

Survivors - One adult


Department - Bayou Cane Fire Protection District

Location - Houma, LA

Rescuers - Captain Tory Bienvenu, Captain Kurt Detillier, Captain Cody Hebert and Engineer Brandon Jackson

Survivors - One adult


Department - Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department

Location - Lake Zurich, Illinois

Rescuers - Lieutenant Rick Johnson, Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Henriksen

Survivors - One adult


Department - Lake Zurich Fire Department

Location - Lake Zurich, IL

Rescuers - Lieutenant Richard Johnson and Firefighter Jason Henriksen

Survivors - One adult


Department - Enid Fire Department

Location - Enid, OK

Rescuers - Lt. Cory Weber, Driver Marck Morris, FF Eric Cosby

Survivors - One adult


Department - Westpoint Fire Department

Location - Westpoint, MA

Rescuers - Chief Brian Legendre, Deputy Fire Chief Allen Manley, Firefighter Daniel Baldwin

Survivors - One adult


Department - Chelmsford Fire Department

Location - Chelmsford, MA

Rescuers - Captain Dan Funaro, Firefighter Kevin O'Brien, Firefighter Dan Corey, Firefighter Michael Chiasson and Firefighter Dan Manley

Survivors - One adult


Department - The City of Collins Fire Department

Location - Collins, MS

Rescuers - Firefighters Chief John B. Pope, III, Captain Joseph Barnes, Assistant Chief Shannon Yates, Jeff Walls, Clint Ellis, Scott Pegram, Paul Magee, Brandon Childress, Jake Dickerson, Ray Dickerson and Jimmy White.

Survivors - Haz-Mat Spill


Department - Brick Fire District

Location - Brick, NJ


Department - Blaney Fire Department

Location - Elgin, SC

Rescuers - Captain Bradley Branham, Deputy Doug Barton, Captian John Terry, Engineer Joey Watkins

Survivors - One adult


Department - Burlington Fire Department

Location - Burlington, KY

Rescuers - Firefighter Chad Eha, Firefighter Eric Campbell, Firefighter Doug Moore, Firefighter Joe Jamison and Firefighter Scott Hegener

Survivors - One adult


Department - Portage la Prairie Fire Department

Location - Portage la Prairie, Canada

Rescuers - Portage la Prairie Captain David Sproat, Deputy Chief Dave Holmes, Firefighters Stephen Moffit, Curtis Rance, and Darren Vandenbussche

Survivors - One adult


Department - Midland Fire Department

Location - Midland, Texas

Rescuers - Captain Vondell Woolfolk, Jayme Farmer, Shawn Creel, Martin Phiffer and Kevin Shelton

Survivors - One adult


Department - Lake Zurich Fire Rescue Department

Location - Lake Zurich, Illinois

Rescuers - Lieutenant Phil Cappitelli, Firefighters Scott Nemeth and Greg Brendle

Survivors - One adult


Department - Muncie Fire Department

Location - Muncie, Indiana

Rescuers - Lt Sean Burcham, Sgt. Mark Hill, Firefighters Duane Carter and Bryce Unger

Survivors - One adult


Department - Sanbornton Fire Department

Location - Sanbornton, NH

Rescuers - Chief John DeSilva, Deputy Chief Steven Surowiec, Deputy Chief Scott Taylor, FF Deborah Coleman, FF Guy Giunta, FF Stephanie Read, FF Gary Shaffer, FF Craig Simpson

Survivors - Team Save


Department - New Hampton Fire Department

Location - New Hampton, NH

Rescuers - Chief Michael Drake, FF Michael P. Drake, FF Evan Hacker and FF Steve Harris

Survivors - One adult


Department - Bedford Fire Department

Location - Bedford, TX

Rescuers - Lt. Mike Swanson, FF Lee Ferguson, FF Jason Whitehead

Survivors - One adult


Department - Page Fire Department

Location - Page, AZ

Rescuers - Captain Paul J. Marlow, Fire Marshal Erik Sorensen, Jeff Wilson and Thaddeus Glover

Survivors - One adult


Department - Hummelstown Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Hummelstown, PA

Rescuers - Captain Richard Fanning, Jimmy Lewis, Duane Wood, Keith Shank, Dave Still, Ken Fruhwirth, Jr., Chief Charles Cogan and Chief Steve Kienzle, Jr.

Survivors - adult male and female


Department - University City Fire Department

Location - University City, Missouri

Rescuers - Captain Kristopher Guittar, Private Bill Gruendler

Survivors - 3 month old infant


Department - Hershey Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Hershey, Pennsylvania

Rescuers - Lieutenant John Foley, Lieutenant Scott Stein, Firefighters Raymond Moose, Kerry Starner, Mark Milas

Survivors - adult male


Department - Fort Worth Fire Department

Location - Fort Worth, Texas

Rescuers - Captain Manuel Perez, Engineer Randy Townley, Firefighters Kurt Howard, Jason Lovely

Survivors - elderly woman


Department - Columbia Fire Department

Location - Columbia, South Carolina

Rescuers - Captain Andrew Dempsey, Captain Robert Joyner, Engineer Robert Holmes, Firefighters Randy Rousch and Ron Rich

Survivors - Julia Daniel


Department - Rock Hill Fire Department

Location - Rock Hill, Missouri

Rescuers - Captain Kevin Halloran, Firefighters Steve Moore, Paul Kordik and Greg Kuester

Survivors - elderly woman


Department - Plymouth Fire Department

Location - Plymouth, Massachusetts

Rescuers - Lt. Gregory Kane, Firefighter Michael Morrill

Survivors - Brian Butler


Department - The City of Florence Fire Department

Location - Florence, South Carolina

Rescuers - Captain Robert Holland, Firefighter Richard Lawhon, Firefighter Sheldon Sand

Survivors - Lula Bell Brown


Department - LaPlace Volunteer Fire Department

Location - LaPlace, Louisiana

Rescuers - Firefighter Paul Anders, Firefighter Michael Allert, Firefighter Nick Rivera

Survivors - Adult woman


Department - Eden Fire Department

Location - Eden, North Carolina

Rescuers - Chief Doug Cline, Firefighter Kevin Dunn

Survivors - Adult woman


Department - Sunset Fire Department

Location - Sunset, Utah

Rescuers - Capt. James Weston, FF Anthony Swenson, FF Tallen Berkeley


Department - City of Conroe Fire Department

Location - Conroe, Texas

Rescuers - FF Blaine Pyles, FF Lloyd Sandefer, FF Thomas Chavis, FF Dustin McDonald

Survivors - One adult woman


Department - Joliet Fire Department

Location - Joliet, Illinois

Rescuers - Capt. Mike Stromberg, FF/PM Tony Maffeo

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Phoenix Fire Department, Duncansville Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania

Rescuers - Firefighter Jacob Duraso (Phoenix FD), Firefighter Zach Johnson (Duncansville VFD)

Survivors - One elderly woman


Department - City of Florence Fire Department

Location - Florence, South Carolina

Rescuers - Capt. Steven McCormick, Firefighter/Driver Kevin Coleman, Firefighter Bryan Molina

Survivors - One elderly man


Department - Hitchcock Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Hitchcock, Texas

Rescuers - Capt. Richard Harrison, Jr., Asst. Chief Scott Fleming

Survivors - One teenage boy


Department - Cottleville Fire Protection District

Location - Cottleville, Missouri

Rescuers - Capt. Scott Bumeter, Firefighter Eric Litteken, Firefighter Reid Roberts

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Irvington Fire Department

Location - Irvington, New Jersey

Rescuers - Firefighter Richard Charniga, Firefighter John Hodo, Firefighter Broden Swanson

Survivors - One adult man


Department - East Bank Volunteer Fire Department

Location - East Bank, West Virginia

Rescuers - Firefighter Viktor Rempel

Survivors - One elderly man


Department - Neu-Ulm Fire Department

Location - Neu-Ulm, Germany

Rescuers - Firefighter Viktor Rempel

Survivors - One elderly man


Department - Camden Fire Department

Location - Camden, South Carolina

Rescuers - Lt. Matt Davis, Eng. Greg Johnson, Firefighter Jason Bryson

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Columbia Fire Department

Location - Columbia, South Carolina

Rescuers - Capt. David Laird, Senior Firefighter Joseph Alaimo

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Madison Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Madison, West Virginia

Rescuers - Asst. Chief Jim Lambert, Senior Firefighter Anthony Runyon, Senior Firefighter Joey Linville, Lt. Dale Kirby (Danville VFD)

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Whitney Point Fire Department

Location - Whitney Point, New York

Rescuers - Capt. Mike Sura, Capt. Nick Sculley

Survivors - One elderly woman


Department - Thorn Township Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Thornville, Ohio

Rescuers - Firefighter Robert Sands, Firefighter Dave McIntyre

Survivors - One child


Department - Galveston Fire Department

Location - Galveston, Texas

Rescuers - FF David Rojas, FF Vincent Cortez

Survivors - One adult woman


Department - DeSoto Missouri Rural Fire Protection District

Location - Riverside, Ohio

Rescuers - Capt. Tony Picarella, FF Josh Kerivan, FF Robert Newkirk, FF Robert Lang, Jr.

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Spring Lake Park-Blaine-Mounds View Fire Department

Location - Spring Lake Park, Minnesota

Rescuers - Capt. Ken Martin, FF Chris Lueck

Survivors - One young boy


Department - Marietta Fire Department

Location - Marietta, Georgia

Rescuers - Comm. Kip Stanger, F/E J.D. Hill, FF Paul Molinaro, FF/Eng. Clay Barnett, FF Mitch Kingsley, FF Matt Myers, FF Calvin Platt

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Girdwood Fire Department

Location - Girdwood, Alaska

Rescuers - FF/EMT Brent Stone, FF/EMT Rhonda Bedard, FF Wayne Stalcup, Eng. Jason Stockinger, FF Pat Lovelace, FF Dave Sims, Capt. Matt Olson, Capt. Tyler Zollinger, Capt. Kurt Troyer, EMT Sue Lukens, FF Nick Nielson, FF Mike Kuchar, Chief William Chadwick, Asst. Chief Matthew Shields

Survivors - One teenage boy


Department - Charlottesville Fire Department

Location - Charlottesville, Virginia

Rescuers - Capt. Robert Bragg, FF Brian Powell, FF Darrin Short, FF Megan Butasek

Survivors - One elderly woman


Department - The City of East Orange Department of Fire

Location - East Orange, New Jersey

Rescuers - FF Matthew Crespin, Capt. Joe Scornavacca, FF Crash Harris

Survivors - One young boy


Department - Knottsville Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Knottsville, Kentucky

Rescuers - FF Brian Lanham, FF Wesley Millay

Survivors - One adult woman


Department - Crescent Springs Fire Department

Location - Crescent Springs, Kentucky

Rescuers - FF Frank Hicks, FF Bob Wiseman, FF Matt Dahlenburg

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Riverside Fire Department

Location - Riverside, Ohio

Rescuers - Lt. Jason Jewett, BC Chad Follick, FF Jim Hart, FF Chris Brock

Survivors - One adult woman


Department - Frankton Fire Department

Location - Frankton, Indiana

Rescuers - Chief Chi Baldwin, FF Josh Shepherd

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Riverside Fire Department

Location - Riverside, Ohio

Rescuers - Lt. Jason Jewett, FF Tom Janowiecki

Survivors - One adult man


Department - The Woodlands Fire Department

Location - The Woodlands, Texas

Rescuers - D/O Scott Grimes, FF/PM Joe Campbell, Capt. Bob Moore

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Carthage Clipper Fire Department

Location - Carthage, Illinois

Rescuers - FF Tony Slater, FF Travis Duffy, FF Dave Steinkamp


Department - Lodi Fire Department

Location - Lodi, California

Rescuers - FE Mike Harden, FF Mike Woznik

Survivors - One adult man


Department - Mariemont Fire Department

Location - Mariemont, Ohio

Rescuers - Asst. Chief Matthew Morgan, FF Brent Uckotter

Survivors - One adult woman


Department - Anderson Fire Department

Location - Anderson, Indiana

Rescuers - FF/PM Doc Watson, FF/EMT Tom Privett

Survivors - Rene Johnson


Department - Bad Fussing Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Bad Fussing, Bavaria

Rescuers - Names withheld

Survivors - One elderly man, one elderly woman (names withheld)


Department - Memphis Fire Department

Location - Memphis, Tennessee

Rescuers - Lt. Tony Redwine, FF Patrick Sawyer, FF Darryl Mitchell, FD Jeffrey Taylor, FF/EMT Chris Stephens, FF Leland Hopkins

Survivors - Two teenage boys (names withheld)


Department - Southeast Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Carriere, Mississippi

Rescuers - FF Mark McCormick, FF David Jeffcoat


Department - Anchorage Fire Department

Location - Anchorage, Alaska

Rescuers - Sr. Capt. Jim Kenshalo, Firefighter Grant Walker, Firefighter Mike Wittman


Department - Alexandria Fire Department

Location - Alexandria, Indiana

Rescuers - FF/PM Todd Cawthorn, FF Brian Cuneo

Survivors - Gene Brown


Department - Muncie Fire Department

Location - Muncie, Indiana

Rescuers - FF Steve Snyder, FF Greston Hopper

Survivors - Jonda Morris (42)


Department - Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service

Location - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rescuers - FF Tim Fraser, FF Lawrence Kasdorf

Survivors - One adult woman


Department - Copley Fire Department

Location - Copley, Ohio

Rescuers - FF John Gordon, FF David Sandmann, FF Chris Fultz, FF Pat Friend, FF Jason Maurer, FF Joel Hostetler

Survivors - Name withheld


Department - Bolivar County Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Skene, Mississippi

Rescuers - Chief Kenneth Webster, Asst. Chief Joe Phillips, FF James Winston, Fire Explorer Jeff Joel

Survivors - Alex Hawkins


Department - Menomonie Fire Department

Location - Menomonie, Wisconsin

Rescuers - FF John Entorf, FF Denny Klass, FF Kyle Repaal, FF Jon Fisher

Survivors - Mary Hovland (79)


Department - University City Department

Location - Universtiy City, Missouri

Rescuers - PM/FF Bob Rump, PM/FF Dave Larkin, Acting BC Steve Schmitt, Eng. David Wall

Survivors - Eulus Gavin (24)


Department - Bridgeton Fire Department

Location - Bridgeton, New Jersey

Rescuers - Lt. Gregory Poeppel, FF Robert Strittmatter, FF John Schaffer, FF Donald Sims and FF Rodney Yamasaki

Survivors - Janet Cradle (47)


Department - Alexandria Fire Department

Location - Alexandria, Indiana

Rescuers - FF/PM Todd Cawthorn, FF Brian Cuneo

Survivors - Gene Brown (45)


Department - Roanoke County Fire Department

Location - Roanoke County, Virginia

Rescuers - BC Charlie King, Lt. Jeff Lawson, Med/FF Lynn Hudson, FF/EMT Todd Hanson


Department - Hillside Fire Department

Location - Irvington, New Jersey

Rescuers - Capt. Nicholas Crosta, FF Greg Donofrio, FF Joseph Zlotek, FF Michael Toth

Survivors - Julisa Adams (7), Gerard Montalmant Jr. (5), Jimmy Montalmant (4)


Department - West Orange Fire Department

Location - West Orange, New Jersey

Rescuers - Capt. John Coen, FF Steve Caponi, FF Robert Dsurney, FF Mike Connoly, Capt. Tim Cullen, FF Fred Kingston


Department - Linden Fire Department

Location - Linden, New Jersey

Rescuers - Capt. Robert Herman, FF Robert Clark, FF George Waseleski

Survivors - Michael Protopsaotis (74)


Department - Ronan Volunteer Fire Department

Location - Florence, South Carolina

Rescuers - FF Dave Marmon, FF Mike Collins, Training Officer Mark Clary


Department - Florence Fire Department

Location - Florence, South Carolina

Rescuers - FF Dave Peterson, Lt. Rick Bachman

Survivors - Christina Lowry, 9 months


Department - Oakdale Fire Department

Location - Oakdale, California

Rescuers - FF Phillip Lee, FF Lisa Covington, Lt. Jim Sills, Lt. Charles Matthews


Department - Windham Fire Department / Salem Fire Department

Location - Windham, New Hampshire

Rescuers - From Windham Fire Department: Lt. Jay Moltenbrey, FF Tom McPherson, FF Mike Mistretta From Salem Fire Department: Capt. Joseph Kamel, FF James Goucher


Department - Enterprise Fire Dept.

Location - Enterprise, Alabama

Rescuers - FF Tim Driscoll, FF Eric Massey, FF Michael Kellley

Survivors - Jimmy Ray Huguley, 43


Department - Monroe Fire Department

Location - Monroe, Ohio

Rescuers - FF Scott Clasgens, FF Andrew Turner

Survivors - Antoinette Pirog


Department - Somers Fire Department

Location - Somers, Connecticut

Rescuers - FF Steve Minikowski, FF Tom Mehl, FF Tom Van Tassel

Survivors - Antoinette Pirog


Department - Franklin Fire Department

Location - Franklin, Indiana

Rescuers - FF Tim Coble, FF Mark Hash

Survivors - Zachary Sheets, 2


Department - Midland Fire Department

Location - Midland, Texas

Rescuers - FF Karl Staggs, FF Marlin Seider

Survivors - Pearly Harris, 68


Department - Union Center Fire

Location - Endicott, New York

Rescuers - Capt. Chris Hoyt Asst. Chief John Vankuren


Department - Charlottesville Fire Dept

Location - Charlottesville, Virginia

Rescuers - FF Clinton Wingfield, FF Mike Oprandy

Survivors - Jesse Wicks, 43