Bullard SOAR Program Members

Department - Titusville Police department

Location - Titusville, FL

Description - Officers apprehend two suspects charged with felony criminal mischief.

Department - Bonner Springs Police Department

Location - Bonner Springs, Kansas

Rescuers - Officers Adam Doran, Matthew Busenbark, Mark Stites

Description - Officers locate a missing man after he attempted suicide and then ran off into the woods.

Department - City of Collins Fire Department

Location - Collins, MS

Rescuers - Chief John B. Pope, III, Officer Wayne Harvey and Officer Joey Ponder

Description - Officers apprehend a suspect that fled the scene.

Department - Kent Police Department

Location - Kent, United Kingdom

Rescuers - PC Martin Pemble, John Cowling, Sandy Young

Description - Officers locate a missing man in woods who was reported missing after he consumed a large quantity of pills and alcohol.

Department - Lexington Police Department

Location - Lexington, Kentucky

Rescuers - Jonathan Bastian and Mike Carroll, Canine Officer Henry Hicks

Description - Officers apprehended a man charged with burglary, fleeing and evading police, assault on a police officer and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Department - Merrimack Police Department

Location - Merrimack, New Hampshire

Rescuers - Sgt. Dan Edmonds, Master Patrolman John Dudash and Officer Rick McKenzie

Description - Officers apprehended a 19 year-old man charged with felony criminal mischief and criminal trespass for painting graffiti on public buildings.