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Batteries are not built into the blower unit but rather removable. They are charged using a battery docking station. Battery chargers are available for charging a single battery or up to six batteries at a time.  

The battery charger requires a 110V outlet. Batteries can be charged in a vehicle using a DC to AC inverter

It takes approximately 4 hours to recharge a depleted battery.

One fully charged pack (Part No. EVABAT1) will power the blower for approximately 4 to 16 hours depending upon factors such as speed, cartridge selected and cartridge loading. See reference for more information.  

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  • LEDs illuminate to display the remaining capacity in 25% increments 
  • Fuel Gauge is visible in use 
  • Competitive batteries – mostly show no gauge, only full charge or hide gauge while in use   
  • Single Port Smart Charger 
  • Automatically maintains battery charge 
  • Automatic discharge by 10% to preserve battery efficiency