General Operations

Q. What are features and benefits of the 20LF?



Multiple sizes - Large, Medium 

Accommodates multiples head sizes and shapes 

Threaded breathing tube connection 

Fast donning 

DuPont® Tychem® 2000 

Trusted brand name material for general duty 

Sewn-In Suspension 

Complete disposability, fast donning 

Soft Plenum Air Delivery 

Lightweight, no lens fogging 


Large viewing window, over-the-top airflow eliminates condensation on lens, soft comfortable suspension 

25 APF 

2.5X protection than N95 



Q. What are the technical specifications of EVA?



*All Bullard Loose-Fitting Hoods are latex-free for those with latex sensitivities 

Q. What is Active Flow Control Technology?

Active Flow Control (AFC) is cruise control for your Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR)


  • Constant Speed 
  • Changing hill or gas tank conditions 
  • Feedback loop from speedometer to engine 


  • Constant flow 
  • Changing Hood Types or Filter Cartridge or Battery Conditions 
  • Feedback loop from mass flow sensor to blower

Other PAPRs  

  • Flow diminishes as battery drains 
  • Flow diminishes as filter loads