General Operations

Q. What do I need to know about the air source?

Locate the source of supplied air, whether it is an air compressor or an ambient air pump, such as a Bullard Free-Air® pump, in a clean air environment. Locate the air source far enough from your work site to ensure the air remains contaminant-free. Always use an inlet filter on the air source. Use suitable filters and carbon monoxide monitors and alarms, like Bullard’s CAB Series of CO monitors, as necessary to assure clean, breathable air at all times. The air should be regularly sampled to be sure that it meets Grade D requirements.

Q. What are the advantages to using SAR?

High protection factors: hazards do not need to be known; respirator is more comfortable because air is forced into head-top and produces a cooling effect and breathing resistance is lower.

Q. What components are included in the respirator?

The Spectrum-CF airline respirator consists of four components: full-face mask, breathing tube, flow control devices, and air supply hose. All must be present and properly assembled to constitute a complete NIOSH approved respirator. 1. Full-Face Mask with Headstrap. 2. Breathing Tube 3. Flow Control Device 4. Air Supply Hose.