Q. Are there multiple breathing tube sizes?

Yes. However, the EVA20LF2L and EVA20LF2M are kitted with the longest breathing tube for simplicity. If an alternative breathing tube length is desires, it can be ordered separately.  

Q. Can the EVA belt accommodate larger waists?

The EVA belt is adjustable and accommodated 28” to 60” waists. A larger waist can be accommodated with the use of a belt extension (EVAEXT1) and an EBH Backpack.

Q. How do I know which size loose-fitting hood to choose?
  • 20LF2L Large 7 ½” – 8 ½” 
  • 20LF2M Medium 7”- 7 1/2” 
  • 20LF2S Small 6 3/8” – 6 7/8”