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What Firefighters Around the Globe Say

"Our research committee found Bullard’s image quality is the best on the market. We would rank Bullard’s service as outstanding. Thank you for the amazing products and customer service."
Chesapeake Fire Department, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
"Our Bullard TI has supported to save lives multiple times. Without it would have been long and exhausting search and rescue operations. The compact size and angled design were helpful to find pocket of embers even in hard-to-find areas such as small revision openings or overhead. The camera is also used regularly for the team´s safety (retraction distance protection)."
Stefan Jucken, FD Cologne, Cologne, Germany
"[These Bullard Thermal Imagers] give us the ability to have every single firefighter on duty to have a camera available to them. A thermal imaging camera is as important as a fire radio or an axe. It is essential that each firefighter has one for their use while fighting a fire"
Fire Chief Sean Canto, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USA