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Maintenance Checklist: Thermal Imagers

[Downloadable Checklist] As fire departments perform daily and weekly checks of equipment, the station’s thermal imagers can sometimes be unintentionally excluded from regular equipment checks. To keep your thermal imager fleet operating properly, both daily and weekly checks must be performed. This article can help you implement a solid maintenance program. Your maintenance plan will include – at a minimum – thorough cleaning, physical examination of the imager, inspection of features, and maintenance of the battery.

Your maintenance plan will include thorough cleaning, physical examination of the imager, inspection of features, and maintenance of the batteries.

Getting Started

To incorporate inspection and maintenance of thermal imagers into your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), start with the Bullard Thermal Imager Maintenance Checklist. This template will help you determine appropriate maintenance steps based on your thermal imager model.

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Planning for Future Upgrades

Part of the maintenance strategy at your department should include planning for future thermal imaging fleet upgrades. Bullard Thermal Imagers are designed to partner Bullard toughness and durability with advanced image processing, lightweight ergonomics, and features that inform the users at-a-glance. As your fire department's thermal imaging fleet ages and technology advances, your department should develop a plan for fleet upgrades. By managing your thermal imaging fleet with the future in mind, you can help keep your firefighters in-step with the latest safety and performance standards.

Want to know about potential trade-in and upgrade opportunities with your Bullard or non-Bullard Thermal Imagers? Check here to learn more about the Bullard Trade-in and Upgrade program. You can even check to see if your imager is potentially eligible.

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