Bullard Mobile Experience Center…

The Perfect Training Venue

The Mobile Experience Center (MEC) offers the perfect training venue to showcase Bullard’s industrial product solutions

End User Training

Sales Rep Training

Local Trade Shows

Lunch & Learn

Mobile Experience Center Trailer

Fully equipped with the latest Bullard products

HMX Systems
HMXi Systems
GenVX Systems
Air Supply Hoses
Loose-fitting and full-face respirators
Clean Air Boxes, CO Monitor & Remote Alarm
EVA and EVAHL Powered Air-Purifying Respirators
Unmatched After Project Completion Support

Everything your sales team needs to demo Bullard’s products

  • Trailer size is 48’ Long X 8.5’ Wide X 12’ Tall. Completely opened the trailer is 60’ X 30’
  • Onboard generator with 200 Amp panel: 115V, 230V and 230V 3 Phase Service
  • Onboard compressor system with air dryer
  • Tables, Chairs, Cocktail Tables & Lighting
Bullard Mobile Experience Center 2