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Has your hospital struggled with the many clinical, financial and sourcing challenges of N95 masks? Many have, but you have an exceptional solution with the EVA powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) from Bullard, from one of the most established PAPR manufactures in the industry. Design and manufactured in Kentucky, USA.

Find out why EVA is a superior economical solution compared to N95 masks

{{ first_year_savings | toUSD }} - The annual savings your institution could gain with {{ clinicians_needing_n95s }} clinicians using a Bullard PAPR and take advantage of the many clinical benefits.

{{ first_year_papr_cost | toUSD }} - Your first year cost of using a Bullard PAPR.

{{ first_year_cost | toUSD }} - Your first year cost of using N95s and FaceShields.

- Included in this estimate are costs that include the full list price of the PAPR and a minimum number of Filters and Hoods.
- The cost to fit test N95 masks and the associated costs of medical disposal waste is not included in this analysis.
- This financial calculator provides estimates and your costs and results may vary.

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Why make the switch to the EVA Powered Respirators

Assigned protection factor (APF) up to 100X greater than an N95 mask

Reusable respirators reduce disposable respirator medical waste

Improved breathability and overall comfort

Long-term cost savings when you switch to a reusable respirator

Incorporates respiratory, face, and eye protection in one easy-to-use system

No fit test when using EVA with a loose-fitting hood