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Looking to upgrade your respiratory program and streamline your evaluation and transition process?

Enroll in the Pharmaceutical Partnership Program today!

  • Partner with our Account Management team to create a customized PPE package based on your user and environment requirements.
  • A Bullard representative will hand deliver products for evaluation, conduct brief operator training, and answer any questions on site.
  • Based on your usage requirements you may qualify for free PAPRs to lower the capital needed to transition your PAPR program.
  • Upon selection and implementation, Bullard can provide free on-site PAPR system training and accommodate multiple shifts.

Why Choose Bullard?

  • Gain access to Sightline, a loose-fitting hood, inspired by the unique user requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing suite.
  • Your operators will enjoy the 320 degrees of unobstructed visibility with Sightline.
  • Minimize complexity with our Flexible Breathing Tube providing a custom fit for all sizes, no need to worry about managing multiple breathing tube sizes.

Learn More About Sightline

Comfort You

Can See

Partnered with Bullard’s legendary PAPR, EVA, Sightline addresses long-standing pain points faced by life science workers such as limited visibility, awkward mobility, and constricted space for the face and eyewear.


Comfort You

Can Feel

EVA PAPR is a blower equipped with the technology for providing users constant airflow in a compact, streamlined, lightweight, and ergonomic form.



Available with a High Efficiency HEPA filter, organic vapor cartridge / filter combo, or chemical / filter combo.



EVA PAPRs with Sightline hood system are NIOSH approved and have an Assigned Protection Factor of 1,000 per OSHA regulation 1910.134.

Pharmaceutical Partnership Program

With Eva & Sightline

If you are a PPE decision maker and familiar with your company’s respiratory protection requirements start the conversation here!
(Certain conditions may apply)

START YOUR Free Bullard Eva PAPR Journey Here:

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