500 For Life Donates 10 Bullard Thermal Imagers to Fire Departments

Fundraising Continues Until Every Department Has Sufficient Supply

ATLANTA - It’s a fact-thermal imaging cameras save the lives of victims and firefighters. Yet, due to limited funding, almost half of the 30,000 fire departments in the United States do not have a sufficient supply of thermal imaging cameras for each of their responding units.

However, 10 communities across the United States are now safer due to the availability of a thermal imager. Atlanta-based organization 500 For Life announced the first 10 fire departments selected to receive a thermal imager as a result of the charitable organization’s fundraising efforts:

  • Roswell Fire Department (Alpharetta, Ga)
  • Clayton Volunteer Fire Department (Canton, Ga)
  • Hall County Fire Services (Gainesville, Ga)
  • Henry County Fire Department (McDonough, Ga)
  • Flint Hill Fire Department (Shiloh, Ga)
  • City of Gray Fire Department (Gray, Ga)
  • McLewis Volunteer Fire Department (Orange, Texas)
  • Potosi Volunteer Fire Department (Albilene, Texas)
  • Baker Rural Fire Protection District (Baker City, Ore.)
  • Crockery Township Fire Department (Nunica, Mich)

The recipients received Bullard T4 Thermal Imagers valued at $13,000 each. The combined value of the donation is $130,000.

“Thermal imagers have quickly become one of the most important pieces of equipment for any fire department,” explains Frank Buonanotte, founder of 500 For Life. “Every two and a half hours someone dies as a result of fire. Our mission will not be complete until every fire department and responding unit has the thermal imagers they need to save lives.”

500 For Life is a charitable organization dedicated to saving the lives of fire victims and firefighters. Founded by Frank Buonanotte; an Atlanta real estate mogul turned philanthropist, the not-for-profit company raises funds to purchase thermal imaging cameras for fire departments across the country that do not have the funding available to purchase these live-saving devices. In just a couple of months, 500 For Life will have raised the funds to which to purchase the initial supply of cameras.

Recipients are selected based on need. 500 For Life partnered with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company’s Heritage Program and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to qualify and prioritize fire departments in need of thermal imaging cameras based on criteria such as the number of fires fought each year and the amount of funding available from other sources. This ensures that the fire departments that need them the most and can afford them the least are the first to receive them. Bullard, the leading manufacturer of thermal imagers, also agreed to partner with 500 For Life to maximize all donations and put as many devices as possible into the hands of firefighters.

“Many worthy causes are raising money in hopes of finding a cure for fatal diseases that claim thousands of lives each year,” continues Buonanotte. “But for fire victims, that cure already exists. Just one thermal imaging camera has the potential to save many lives day after day. Each year, approximately 4,000 lives, both civilians and firefighters, are claimed by fire and almost 10,000 are seriously injured. These shocking figures can be significantly reduced with thermal imagers. That’s why it’s imperative that firefighters have the equipment necessary to save our lives.”

About 500 For Life
Established in 2007, 500 For Life is a charitable organization dedicated to saving the lives of fire victims and firefighters by providing thermal imaging cameras to fire departments that do not have the funding available to purchase a sufficient supply. 500 For Life has partnered with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company’s Heritage Program, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Bullard to ensure that those fire departments that need the most and can afford the least, are full to receive these live saving devices. All donations made to 500 For Life are tax deductible under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. For more information, visit www.500forlife.org.

Founded in 1898, Bullard is a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment and systems worldwide. Product lines include powered air-purifying respirators, supplied air respirators, air quality equipment, firefighter helmets, thermal imagers, hard hats, and rescue helmets. Since Bullard introudcued its first thermal imager in 1998, the Company has lead the market with innovative, durable thermal imagers designed to help save lives in the most extreme conditions. The Bullard T4, the most advanced thermal imager, offers firefighters state-of the art image performance and other key features designed to help firefighters make accurate and timely decisions. Bullard is headquartered in Cynthiana, Kentucky.