Respiratory Product Manager Runs AIHce Fun Run-Walk Wearing Bullard PAPR

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - A nice pair of Nike tennis shoes, comfortable jogging outfit, personal iPod with all your favorite tunes and a few good stretches is what we “avid runners” normally consider our morning run apparel. However, Bullard Respiratory Product Manager, Grant Rowe decided that this morning, he would strap on a Bullard Powered Air Purifying Respirator and wear it during his morning run in the AIHce Fun Run/Walk.

“I once saw that the VP of Rockport Shoes ran the Boston Marathon wearing their dress shoes to demonstrate how comfortable they were. I’m also a runner so I thought it would be nice and more meaningful if I personally wore the product under extreme circumstances to show that I really believe in our PAPR and how comfortable it can actually be,” stated Rowe.

Normally worn with a loose fitting facepiece in healthcare and industrial environments, the Bullard PA20 protects the wearer from particular hazards in a variety of job applications. It offers a constant air flow for up to 10 hours. “The unit delivered plenty of air and with the wide belt snuggly adjusted it didn’t jostle around.” Rowe goes on to say that there are many misconceptions about the weight and comfort of the PAPR, but running the AIHce race with the PAPR proves that the product is very comfortable and easy to wear, even while running.

Although wearing the PAPR caused quite a scene for spectators, not to mention fellow runners, Rowe admits that wearing the PAPR was actually an enjoyable experience and says it proves that a Bullard Powered Air Purifying Respirator is so comfortable and reliable that it can even be worn on a morning jog. When asked if wearing the PAPR would now be a part of his running apparel in the future, Rowe replies with a simple maybe, but states that this race was unique in that it is targeted toward Industrial Hygienists who are already familiar with the PAPR. He adds, “On the humorous side though, sometimes when I run I have the unfortunate experience of getting gnats or other bugs in my eyes, nose and mouth, but with the faceshield on I didn’t have to worry about that at all!”

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