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Bullard Center Opens Research and Development Facility in Lexington

FEBRUARY 28, 2019 – LEXINGTON, KY – Bullard, a global leader in manufacturing personal protective equipment, is opening a research and development facility in Lexington, where marketing and product development teams will collaborate to develop the next generation of Bullard products and services to protect customers.

“This is a great Kentucky company, and we’re proud to welcome Bullard to Lexington,” Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton said. “The company is opening an office in Lexington to take advantage of the talent in our university city.”

The move represents the next phase of growth for the 121-year-old, family-owned company, which is dedicated to advancing human safety through new technologies and innovation. The company is based in Cynthiana, Ky. with global offices in Germany and Singapore.

“We are thrilled to be in both Lexington and nearby Cynthiana,” said Wells Bullard, CEO of Bullard. “We have the most inspiring people working for Bullard around the world—smart, hardworking people who are dedicated to what we do—allowing people to go home safely at the end of the day. Lexington is so important to Bullard. It is an innovative, educated community that gives us a huge selling point for new talent and offers us so many ways to engage with different aspects of the city. The University of Kentucky is a vital source of talent and technology for us, and we are grateful to be in a city that wants to continuously improve, just as we do.”

The new center will include Bullard’s new product development, marketing and global shared resources departments.

“We are proud to welcome Bullard, an innovative and well established business, to Lexington,” said Bob Quick, president and CEO of Commerce Lexington Inc. “With the opening of the new Bullard Center, this global leader in safety will have access to Lexington’s educated workforce and dynamic quality of life. We’re happy you chose Lexington.”