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Bullard Intrinsically Safe Powered Air Purifying Respirator Wins National Safety Award

OCTOBER 4, 2006 – CYNTHIANA, KY – The Bullard PA30IS intrinsically safe (IS) Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) received the Commitment to Worker Safety Award in the category of Respiratory Protection, presented by Compliance Magazine. The award recognized Bullard achievement in safety equipment product development.

Presented to Bullard at the 2006 National Safety Council Annual Congress in San Diego, California, this award is based on the innovation, impact on worker safety and ease of use of the PA30IS. “We’re proud to accept this award for the PA30IS,” said Mike Steckler, Bullard Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “In our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellent products, the PA30IS broadens our complete line of respirators. We’re pleased that the industry is validating our approach to worker safety.”

The Bullard PA30IS offers the highest IS rating of any PAPR on the market. Rated Class I, Div. I, Group C by Factory Mutual (FM), the PA30IS operates with safety controls to prevent sparking and power surges. This rating makes the PA30IS appropriate for certain types of potentially explosive atmospheres, benefiting workers such as those in the pharmaceutical and painting industries.

The PA30IS intrinsically safe PAPR leads the industry as:

  • The only intrinsically safe PAPR warning users with a low-voltage alarm.
  • The only intrinsically safe PAPR with an internal battery compartment, eliminating potential snagging or unplugging of the battery cord.
  • The intrinsically safe PAPR offering the most hood choices.
  • An intrinsically safe PAPR completely sealed for easy decontamination.
  • An intrinsically safe PAPR with a 1,000 Assigned Protection Factor.

The PA30IS can be configured with the customer's choice of hood, breathing tube, blower assembly and purifying filter canisters. The seven-hour battery run time and one-year product warranty gives users the confidence they need when working in potentially explosive atmospheres.