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Bullard Launches New Age Portable Air Quality Box

JUNE 15, 2020 – CYNTHIANA, KY – Bullard has introduced a new Portable Air Quality Box, AirGuard, to its line of respiratory protection. The AirGuard is an innovative solution for workers who require Grade D breathing air that meets OSHA requirements.

AirGuard offers an extra-large 7” color LCD screen that digitally displays the status and quality of a worker’s breathing air. Its design is user-friendly with an easy-to-read display that is visible from a distance allowing users to quickly respond when AirGuard detects a hazardous situation. The unit is also equipped with audible alarm warnings in addition to the visual display for increased safety.

The AirGuard integrates breathing air filtration with sensors for Carbon Monoxide and differential dew point for safety and breathing air comfort. Its three-stage filtration system removes oils, water, solid particles, and unpleasant odors to ensure workers are receiving safe and purified breathing air.

The digital display on the AirGuard walks users through a step by step calibration and the box’s data logging function helps users meet OSHA compliant regulations. The AirGuard data log records all real-time sensor data, calibration events, and diagnostic information that is easily downloadable to a PC for operational record-keeping and OSHA compliance reporting. The AirGuard has a flexible design giving users the option to mount the unit or bring it to a remote location by using its battery-operated function.