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Bullard Set to Receive Malaysia’s SIRIM Certification for FlexGen S61 Hard Hat Model, Stock Available Now

Singapore – Bullard, a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment, announced today that its FlexGen™ S61 hard hat model has received the SIRIM certification from Malaysia, confirming its compliance with local safety standards. The certification marks a significant milestone in Bullard's expansion into the Asian market and underscores the company's commitment to providing top-quality, safe, and comfortable protective gear to workers worldwide.

“We are delighted to receive the SIRIM certification for our FlexGen S61 model,” said Wells Bullard, CEO of Bullard. “This achievement reflects our dedication to excellence and our determination to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of workers and companies in Malaysia and beyond. We are excited to partner with Polyscientific, our trusted distributor in Malaysia, to bring the FlexGen™ S61 and other Bullard products to customers in the region.”

Vincent Lee, Bullard's International Business Director, added: “The FlexGen™ S61 hard hat is a perfect example of Bullard's commitment to designing products that combine comfort, style, and safety. The hard hat's unique suspension system- FlexGen™,  lightweight design, and customizable options make it the perfect choice for workers in a variety of industries, from construction and mining to oil and gas and more.”

The FlexGen™ S61 hard hat is made in the USA and features a modern, streamlined design that offers superior protection and style. Its advanced suspension system provides maximum comfort and stability, while its customizable options allow workers to personalize their gear to meet their needs and preferences.

Matt King, Bullard’s Global Product Manager for Head and Face Protection commented: “The FlexGen™ S61 hard hat is designed to deliver the best possible protection and comfort for workers in challenging environments. We are thrilled to see it gain recognition and acceptance in Malaysia and other markets where Bullard operates. This certification is a testament to the hard work and expertise of our team, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and lead the way in the PPE industry.”

Hong Yee Seah, CEO of Polyscientific, Bullard's Malaysia distributor, added: “We are excited to bring the FlexGen™ S61 and other Bullard products to our customers in Malaysia. Bullard's reputation for quality and innovation, combined with Polyscientific's extensive network and expertise, will help us serve the needs of companies and workers across various industries. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Bullard and to contributing to the growth of the PPE market in Malaysia.”

The FlexGen™ S61 hard hat is now available in Malaysia, following the completion of the SIRIM certification process. Bullard and Polyscientific are committed to providing timely and efficient delivery and support to their customers.

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About Bullard

Bullard is a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety solutions for workers worldwide. Founded in 1898, Bullard is a fifth-generation family-owned company that has built a reputation for innovation, quality, and customer service.

Bullard's product portfolio includes respiratory protection, thermal imaging cameras, fire & rescue helmets, hard hats, face shields, safety glasses, and other PPE that are designed to meet the needs of workers in a variety of industries, from firefighting and mining to construction and healthcare. Bullard's products are known for their advanced features, ergonomic design, and reliable performance, and have been used by workers in some of the most demanding and hazardous environments in the world.

Bullard is committed to improving safety and health outcomes for workers and communities, and to supporting sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. Bullard has been recognized for its environmental management system and sustainability practices, as well as its philanthropic efforts and community engagement.

Bullard is headquartered in Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA, and has operations and distribution centers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Bullard's global network of distributors and partners ensures that its products and services are available to customers worldwide.

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