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Joliet Firefighters Honored for Saving a Life

JULY 28, 2017 – JOLIET, IL – Firefighters from the Joliet Fire Department thankfully had their thermal imaging camera with them when responding to a structure fire.

Captain John Merriman and Operator Brian Baudek responded to the call and learned from residents that a man had run back into the structure. The structure was engulfed in smoke with little to no visibility. The crew began scanning the second story floor where the man was headed and found heavy smoke to the floor. While performing their search with the Bullard thermal imager (TI), the crew saw a hand on the TI’s screen that appeared to be reaching up to open a window. That’s when the firefighters reached out and grabbed the victim’s arm and pulled him to safety.

“Our firefighters bring the TI on every call,” said Battalion Chief Michael Stromberg. “The crew couldn’t see the room or the man without the TI because of the heavy smoke. There was no visibility on that floor. The heroic efforts of the crew and the use of the TI saved this man’s life.”

Captain John Merriman and Operator Brian Baudek will be inducted into the Bullard Save-A-Life Club in recognition of saving a life by using a thermal imaging camera. These firefighters will be honored on July 19, 2017 at Station 1 (101 E Clinton, Joliet, Il 60432).  Joliet is the 86th fire department in the Country to be inducted into the Save-A-Life Club.

Thermal imagers are becoming standard equipment in fire departments throughout the United States. For more information about thermal imaging or the Bullard Save-A-Life Club, visit or call Bullard Customer Service 1-877-BULLARD.