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Own the Night with Bullard TacSight® S2

New Thermal Imager Offers Enhanced Image Clarity for Law Enforcement

OCTOBER 11, 2006 – With the same tried-and-true one button simplicity and durability of the original TacSight® S1, the Bullard TacSight® S2 incorporates an upgraded amorphous silicon engine for improved image clarity and picture definition. The patented Electronic Threat Tagging (ETT) tool, an optional feature, enables the operator to tag heat sources in blue for improved visibility and tracking.

TacSight thermal imagers are used across all major law enforcement applications, including tactical, patrol, surveillance, investigation, and search and rescue. Designed for simple operation and optimal flexibility, this expandable product allows law enforcement to configure a tool specifically to meet their individual requirements. Optional accessories include a fully integrated wireless transmitter, a receiver package for monitoring and recording, an attachable monocular eyepiece and a palm-top/handheld receiver for remote monitoring.

In law enforcement, thermal imagers are powerful tools for enhancing officer safety and scene visibility. The image displayed on the screen of the infrared device gives the user an identifiable and reliable heat picture of his or her surroundings by displaying relative differences in surface temperature. The picture is unaffected by light, clothing or ambient temperatures. TacSight qualifies for assistance under federal grant guidelines.

More than 17,000 Bullard thermal imagers are in service at firefighting and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Founded in 1898, Bullard is a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment and systems worldwide. Product lines include respiratory protection devices, thermal imagers, hard hats, and firefighter and rescue helmets. Bullard is headquartered in Cynthiana, Kentucky, and TacSight can be found here.