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Swan River Firefighters Honored for Saving Life

JULY 15, 2014 – CYNTHIANA, KY – Firefighters from the Swan River Fire Department relied on thermal imaging technology to help rescue a man who was trapped in his smoke-filled trailer home on July 5, 2013.

When the firefighters responded to the two bedroom trailer fire they knew an occupant was trapped inside. The crew quickly entered the structure, which was filled with heavy dark smoke making visibility poor, and began scanning the trailer with a Bullard T3MAX Thermal Imager searching for the occupant. Using the thermal imager, Firefighters Jordan Rooks and Steven Gillis were able to locate the victim who was lying on the floor close to the trailer's exit door.

“Within two to three minutes we were able to find the occupant and take him to a safe location for medical care,” said Darren Fedorchuk, Fire Chief of the Swan River Fire Department. “Without the TI we would have located him eventually, but it may have been too late to save him.”

The community helped the department raise the funds to purchase the Bullard T3MAX. “Our community is excellent with fund raising,” said Chief Fedorchuk. “In less than two months we had raised enough funds to purchase the imager. I can't say thank you enough times to the people of our community.”

Firefighter Jordan Rooks and Firefighter Steven Gillis were inducted into the Bullard Save-A-Life Club on July 15, 2014.

Thermal imagers are becoming standard equipment in fire departments throughout Canada. For more information about thermal imaging or the Bullard Save-A-Life Club, visit or call Bullard Customer Service at 877-BULLARD.