The Eclipse has been discontinued in favor of the newest technology of X Factor Thermal Imagers.
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Eclipse  Thermal Imager


Personal-Issue Thermal Imaging
Eclipse® is designed to equip each firefighter with thermal imaging technology. Shattering price barriers, Eclipse gives fire departments of all sizes the opportunity to bring thermal imaging to more firefighters. With Eclipse, no one is left in the dark.

AFFORDABLE  Meets Advanced

Now available with high resolution imagery and a full array of advanced features, Eclipse is not only a navigational tool, but also an analytical workhorse. Compact enough to fit easily into turnout gear pockets and lightweight enough to clip to firefighter gear, Eclipse works like you work. Eclipse is the smallest and lightest handheld firefighting thermal imager on the market.


Eclipse now offers a 160 x 120 high resolution engine for enhanced versatility. With Eclipse 160, images are clearer, crisper, and more detailed. Available for both new purchases and aftermarket upgrades, Eclipse 160 supports your current and future thermal imaging needs.†


ADVANCED  Features

Now available on Eclipse‡, Electronic Thermal Throttle® isolates heat sources enabling firefighters to optimize scenes with the touch of a button. Electronic Thermal Throttle saves you critical time and prevents costly mistakes. Other advanced features include High Heat Colorization, temperature measurement, and customized startup graphics.


All Eclipse Thermal Imagers ship with myBullard™, a personal control panel for you to register, inventory, maintain, service, and enhance your thermal imaging products and accessories. This easy-to-use software enhancement will help you organize and optimize your thermal imaging operations.

Customized Startup Logo - Electronic Thermal Throttle 160 Resolution - High Heat Colorization 160 Resolution


† Upgrade requires factory service

‡ Advanced features are available in installed options or as field upgrades via Bullard's myBullard™ Control Panel