Edge  Thermal Imager


Gain the tactical advantage.
With Edge™, the latest advancement in law enforcement thermal imaging, you get all the benefits of a heavy-duty tactical tool that fits your budget.


Any thermal imager can detect heat and potential threats. Edge just makes it easy. Engineered with the latest infrared technology and useful, yet intuitive, features, Edge gives you the details without distracting complexity. Sleek ergonomics and the arms-length viewable display are designed to facilitate how you work.

POWERFUL,  intuitive operation
Features include reversible polarity, which enables you to quickly adjust the image for maximum detail, and the unique "Nocturnal" mode that colors the image in red, helping your eyes more quickly adjust to the environment when looking away from the display. Edge can go stealth with the touch of a button, dimming and then turning off the display.

An optional display shield quickly converts Edge to monocular viewing for situations demanding complete concealment.

At 1.5 lbs., Edge handles all of your tactical work without weighing you down.

Some thermal imagers can survive bumps and can take a splash of water. Bullard thermal imagers are designed for environments where drops and water sprays are just part of normal operations. We bring that same philosophy to our law enforcement line. Edge is built Bullard Tough, engineered for your toughest mission and designed to be a critical tool in your arsenal.

BUDGET  friendly
Edge is an economical solution for law enforcement organizations deploying thermal imagers across their operations.

White Hot ModeNocturnal ModeBlack Hot Mode

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