CC20 Series Hoods

CC20 Series Hoods

Available in a full hood or loose-fitting facepiece and can be appropriate for painting, chemical handling, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications.

RT Series DuPont Tychem Hood

RT Series DuPont™ Tychem® 4000 Hood

Offers the largest lens on the market and a unique overhead air delivery system for chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

GenVX Abrasive Blasting Helmet

GenVX® Abrasive Blasting Helmet

The next generation of blasting... Weighing a pound less than the closest competitor, the GenVX® offers the most cooling options, plus removable cheek pads for added comfort.

88VX Series Abrasive Blasting Helmet

88VX Series Abrasive Blasting Helmet

Full head, neck and torso protection. Superior protection for abrasive blasters and painters

GR50 Series Nomex Grinding Hood

GR50 Series Nomex® Grinding Hood

Lightweight and fully protective outer hood and inner flame retardant protective barrier.

Spectrum Series Full-Facepiece

Spectrum Series® Full-Facepiece

Available as a continuous flow or pressure demand respirator. Can be equipped with an escape cylinder.

FAMB Half-Mask

FAMB Half-Mask

Continuous flow respirator that accommodates low pressure air sources can be worn with faceshields, visors, welding helmets and hard hats.

Bullard Air Cooling Systems

Bullard Air Cooling Systems

Find the air cooling system compatible with your Bullard respirator: cooling vests, hot and cool tubes, and DUAL-COOL systems.

SparxLift Welding Helmet

SparxLift Welding Helmet for a Supplied Air Respirator System (SAR)

The SparxLift SAR system offers six flow control options while combining face and respiratory protection in a single package for welders and grinders.