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AirGladiator Airline Filtration


Bullard’s AirGladiator provides 7-stage filtration to the required Grade D breathable air, that when combined with carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and other safeguards, provides users with cleaner, more comfortable air. AirGladiator may also be used to supply drier, cleaner air to tools, air monitoring box, and pneumatic systems. AirGladitator has been independently verified through third-party testing to be highly effective at filtering .5 microns and greater.

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Features & Benefits


Flat base designed canister with integrated handle that also serves as a mounting bracket for mobile or stationary deployment options.  


Built-in wall mounting bracket may also be used as a carrying handle. 


The anti-tip design minimizes risk of damaging connections and gauges from falling over.  


Powder-coated steel construction for rugged industrial environments. 

Product Details

  • Large disposable filter cartridge for longer service life 
  • Two or six outlet versions 
  • Weighs 26-32 pounds (depending on model) 
  • Optional accessory AG10FTCABKIT provides convenient kit to connect the AirGladiator to a Clean Air Box or AirGuard box. Includes 10 feet of V20 airline hose, ½” industrial coupler, ½” Schrader nipple, and a ½” Schrader quick disconnect. 
  • 7-Stage Filtration
    1. Moisture is separated from air
    2. Carded cotton removes particulates
    3. Activated alumina absorbs oil and moisture
    4. Activated charcoal removes odors and moisture
    5. Felt material removes particulates
    6. Carded cotton removes particulates
    7. Respiratory felt at final stage acts as a final filter before air is transferred to worker or air driven tools

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