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Unique X-straps

Keep backpack in place on your shoulders and allow airflow to pass under the inner bib and into coveralls for full-body airflow.

2-point straps

Distribute weight, reduce pressure points of long shifts, and do not restrict shoulder movement.

Extension EVAEXT1

Expand diameter of EVABELT1 or EVABELT2 with extension EVAEXT1.

Works with belt

(EVABELT1 or EVABELT20) Secure EVA/EVAHL PAPR to the body and keep weight off of hips.

Product Details

  • Unique X-straps keep backpack in place on the shoulders.
  • Quickly secures EVA/ EVAHL with quick snap buckles.
  • Put on or remove without assistance.
  • Keeps EVA/EVAHL close to the body for a secure, comfortable fit
  • Flexibility and mobility when standing, sitting, or kneeling
  • Wear on front or back, lower on hips, or higher on chest (PA1BTXL, PA20LFBTXL, or PAHBTXL breathing tube for front torso placement)
  • It can be positioned when wearing a tool belt.
EBH Features

Seamlessly Works With EVA and EVHAL PAPR

The EBH Backpack attaches securely and easily to Bullard’s EVA/EVAHL Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs).


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