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Remote Air Manifold (RAM)

Point of Attachment Air Distribution System

Bullard Remote Air Manifolds (RAM) are effective for air distribution and regulation to multiple workers from a common source. The unit enhances respirator-wearing worker mobility by giving the flexibility to work more than 300 feet from the air source. Connect multiple workers to one air source with up to eight connections.

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Remote air manifold

Features & Benefits

Remote air manifold

Rugged construction

Polycarbonate Pelican® cases (portable units) and powder coated steel (wall mount units)

Independent regulators


Aluminum block manifold

Product Details

  • Available with 1, 2, 4, or 8 outlets with or without independent air regulators
  • Regulator allows adjustment of air pressure to manufacturer’s specified pressure range based on range of hose length used
  • Pressure gauge allows verification of this pressure setting at the point of attachment
  • Pressure relief valve prevents pressure from exceeding 125 psi
  • Utilizes a Polycarbonate Pelican® case for durability in any location or environment


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