Thermal Imaging Training

myBullard™ Video Series

myBullard™ is a personal control panel for you to register, inventory, maintain, service, and enhance your thermal imaging products and accessories. This easy-to-use software enhancement will help you organize and optimize your thermal imaging operations. In this video series we will show you how to use your Bullard Thermal Imager with the myBullard software.

Online Training for Eclipse Thermal Imagers

This training course takes participants through five easy steps including functions, features and applications. Participants are also introduced to Eclipse accessories and the care and maintenance of their imager.

Online Training for "Advanced" Thermal Imagers

Training takes users through six easy-to-manage lessons that explain thermal imaging technology and how to interpret images using an advanced thermal imager (T4, T320, T3MAX, T3XT).

TI Training for Law Enforcement

Bullard has made a significant commitment to law enforcement agencies with its dedication to training officers to use thermal imaging technology effectively. This section will give you access to a wide collection of Bullard training articles, as well as help you connect to the training and technical support Bullard offers law enforcement professionals.