Special Eclipse® Upgrade Program

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Exclusive Offer for Bullard Eclipse® Users Good through
December 31st, 2017

As an innovative leader in thermal imaging for the fire service, we are pleased to offer our original Bullard Eclipse users a path to new technology.

CHOOSE   Your Path
Upgrade to a brand new LDX or T3X unit with X Factor Technology for $3,999. All X Factor Upgrades come standard with a three-year full service warranty on parts and labor, and you gain the latest in advanced image processing performance.


Upgrade to a Refurbished LD, T3MAX, or T4MAX unit for $2,200. All Bullard Refurbished units under this Program come standard with a one-year full service warranty on parts and labor.

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Extensive   ELIGIBLITY
Eligibility requirements are very generous – your Bullard Eclipse or Eclipse 160 unit just needs to function. If you own an original Bullard Eclipse Thermal Imager and it has no performance defects, you're eligible for the special upgrade. It doesn't end there. If you own two functioning units, they're eligible too. In fact, there's no limit on the quantity. Ten units or 50 units! All are eligible. If your unit is non-functioning, it's still eligible for trade-in credit.

No matter your path, you win. Under this Program you automatically receive an upgraded resolution, two new batteries, and a desktop charger, along with Super Red Hot tri-color high-heat colorization and Numeric/Bar Temperature as standard features. Additionally, if you added Electronic Thermal Throttle® on your old unit, it will be added for free to your new unit. You also gain access to additional optional features that you didn’t have or that weren’t available on your current product, like DVR and upgraded 320 x 240 resolution.

EASY   Process
To keep your eyes in the fire while you await your upgrade, you can now return your old model to Bullard after receipt of your new model. The 2017 Eclipse Upgrade Program is effective throughout this year. Refurbished unit orders are placed on a first come, first served basis and available while supplies last.