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Lightest in the World.


Abrasive Blasting Respirator

Protection, comfort, and style define the Bullard GVX Respirator. Blasters experience the ultimate protection knowing their head, face, and respiratory system are protected while wearing the GVX. Looking and feeling good is a must for every blaster and that’s why we offer the GVX in four distinctive colors.

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GVX Features
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Build Your GVX Assembly

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    Breathing Tube
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    Flow Control
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** The above flow controls have an Industrial Interchange coupler.


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Blast Suit
The Heavy Duty Blast Suit, Blast Gloves, and Knee Pads from Bullard are designed for tough blasting environments and professional blasters who take pride in their work. This gear is feature-rich, long-lasting, and comfortable.

BCX Communication Kit
Stay connected with your team using our BCX hands-free, wireless communication system designed for enhanced safety on the worksite.

Light the way with the LiteVX offering users a hands-free lighting solution.

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Blast Suit
Bullard offers four belt-mounted climate control devices for use with Bullard airline respirators. Each system enables a worker to adjust and control the temperature of the air delivered to the respirator.

BCX Communication Kit
Bullard AirGuard takes monitoring your breathing air into the 21st Century with its extra-large 7” color LCD screen and advanced technology.

Bullard Free-Air® pumps
When placed in a clean air environment, Bullard Free-Air® pumps offer a low-cost means of supplying clean, breathable air to respirator wearers working in contaminated environments up to 300 feet away from the pump.

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