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Bullard, with a 125-year history of manufacturing high-quality personal protective equipment and systems, has introduced AboveView with FlexGen and AboveView Elevate, two innovative hard hats designed to help increase protection and improve comfort for workers in industrial settings.

The AboveView and AboveView Elevate hard hats feature Bullard’s patented, front visor. The visor, which is available in clear, grey-tint, and yellow-tint, increases the wearer’s upper peripheral view by more than 50%. This dramatically increased field of vision helps to increase productivity as well as safety, making it easier for wearers to see overhead hazards.

AboveView and AboveView Elevate include the FlexGen ratchet suspension system, which rests below the nape of the wearer’s head. This positioning – along with FlexGen’s flexible, pivoting pad on the rear – further increases comfort by minimizing and effectively distributing pressure, while simultaneously ensuring a secure fit and lessening the possibility of the hat falling off. Bullard’s FlexGen ratchet suspension features a large, quick-adjusting knob with an audible click that lets wearers know when they have successfully adjusted the suspension. Additionally, FlexGen’s ratchet knob is more triangular in shape than comparable ratchet knobs, which provides for easy gripping and turning for quick adjustments.

AboveView and AboveView Elevate are both comprised of a three-rib shell constructed out of durable, lightweight HDPE, which is embedded with UV ray inhibitors. This material helps keep workers safe and is built to withstand the natural elements at any work site. The hat’s full brim provides enhanced protection from the sun to the wearer, which can help reduce harmful sun exposure while keeping cooler.

AboveView and AboveView Elevate are also equipped with accessory slots which can support a wide range of Bullard hard hat accessories and add-ons.

AboveView and AboveView Elevate have ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 Type I, Class E & G and CSA Classifications of Type 1, Class E & G.


AboveView Elevate expands on the significant value offered by Bullard’s AboveView hard hat with the addition of a three-point, non-elastic chin strap, which can help keep the hat on the wearer’s head more effectively – particularly in the case of a slip, trip, or fall.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nearly 1 in 5 workplace deaths in 2021 were in the construction industry, with just over one-third of those construction industry deaths being due to slips, trips, and falls. The BLS notes, “The construction industry accounted for 46.2 percent of all fatal falls, slips, and trips in 2021.”

The proper use of hard hats on job sites can help reduce injury and death caused by slips, trips, and falls, by protecting workers’ heads in the event of an accident. It’s with this goal of safety in mind that the team at Bullard added a three-point chin strap to the AboveView Elevate hard hat. When used properly, AboveView Elevate’s chin strap can help the hard hat stay on a wearer’s head more effectively in the case of a slip, trip, or fall, thereby offering increased protection against injury or death.

In particular, the AboveView Elevate’s chin strap can help protect and provide greater confidence to workers operating at heights, including roofers and utility workers.


Both AboveView and AboveView Elevate have been developed with comfort and safety in mind. The innovative team at Bullard has addressed some of the most common pain points among hard hat wearers with each of these designs.

In particular, the hats’ suspension positioning – resting below the nape of the head – significantly improves comfort, particularly for workers wearing their hats for prolonged periods of time. Increased comfort can lead to increased safety, making it more likely that workers will wear their hats properly while on the job and for the full length of their shift.

Additionally, Bullard’s patented front visor helps increase safety by letting workers see overhead hazards more easily and quickly, helping to minimize accidents.

The team at Bullard is always looking for new ways to help keep workers safe on the job. AboveView and AboveView Elevate have been designed with this commitment to safety in mind, featuring unique elements that help improve jobsite safety.


AboveView and AboveView Elevate have been designed specifically for industrial workers.

Bullard understands how critical it is for workers in the construction, energy & utilities, and similar industries to be protected properly when working on a job site. AboveView and AboveView Elevate provide enhanced protection, helping to keep workers safe from job site accidents.

The addition of the three-point chin strap on the AboveView Elevate makes it particularly well suited for workers operating at heights.


Bullard’s AboveView and AboveView Elevate hard hats can both be customized – including shell color, visor color, logo, and more – at

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