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Introducing: AboveView Elevate

Bullard is excited to introduce the AboveView hard hat with the upgraded FlexGen suspension and the new AboveView Elevate enhanced safety hard hat.

The AboveView full brim hard hat just got a comfort upgrade.

The FlexGen suspension takes the comfort customers have come to expect from a Bullard hard hat to the next level. The new suspension includes a pivoting pad that conforms to the rear of the head to better distribute pressure. A new large, triangular adjustment knob provides a smooth, quick adjustment to the hard hat fit.

Get the protection you really need with a new full brim enhanced safety hard hat.

The new AboveView Elevate hard hat features all the uniqueness of the AboveView hard hat, but also includes a 3-point, chinstrap. Chinstraps play an important role in improving helmet retention to the head, enhancing the likelihood of protection in the event of an accident. With a 50% increase in peripheral view, low ride height, all-day comfort, and helmet retention, AboveView Elevate is the clear choice for advanced protection. CHECK OUT ELEVATE HERE>>>

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