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Upgrade Your Blast Helmet

I’m interested in GenVX Blast Helmet, but what do I do with my existing inventory?

Most blasting companies keep a good supply of helmets, hoses and lenses to help eliminate downtime. However, since NIOSH only approves complete systems, not just respirator components, those components from different respirator manufacturers cannot be mixed and matched. So, if you’re considering upgrading your blasting helmets, you probably have one important question:

What do I do with all this extra inventory?

It’s a common question, and one that can be answered after you take a few key steps. The information below outlines the best way to transition your team to a new blast helmet.

Step 1: Conduct Field Tests and Select Blast Helmet and Accessories

Once you’ve completed your field tests and evaluations, you already understand the benefits of upgrading your blasting respirators to the GenVX. Whether you’re sandblasting, bead blasting, or doing another type of abrasive blasting, GenVX brings more airflow, lighter weight, and a tough reliability to your media blasters. Your Bullard distributor can help you decide on the GenVX configuration that best suits your blasting operation.

Step 2: Take an Inventory of Your Current Products

Once you know exactly how much inventory you have for your old blasting respirator system, you’ll be better able to understand your costs and more prepared to discuss your options with your distributor. Be sure and count the following:

  • Blast helmets
  • Capes
  • Breathing tubes/hoses
  • Lenses
  • Personal climate control devices (cooling tubes)

Step 3: Ask About Trade-In Options or Incentives

Check with your Bullard distributor about available incentives or options to trade-in your current products. Getting your blast crew into the right blast helmet is important. Don’t let current inventory keep your team experiencing the benefits of the GenVX.