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Features & Benefits

PAPR Growth Trajectory: PAPR usage in healthcare is on an upsurge. It offers a high level of protection, comfort, cost-saving, and convenience.
Salus being used by a doctor

Splash and respiratory protection

In one system.

No breathing resistance

Cool & comfortable free-flowing breathable air.

Assigned Protector Factor (APF)

2.5x greater than an N95 mask.

Reusable components

Help reduce protective equipment waste

No fit test

Beard approved

Free from tight-fitting respirator abrasions

& skin conditions such as dermatitis

Product Details

Comfort Designed For All Clinicians

SALUS HC [ sey-luh s ] is named for the goddess of safety and well-being. A high performing respiratory solution designed to protect clinicians from exposure to particulates and biological aerosols including viruses and bacteria.

SALUS HC system is optional with the LF-Series Hood that incorporates a built-in HEPA panel. The HEPA panel provides protection from up-splashes and from aerosols generated from your oral and nasal cavities.

Salus Ambulance

Convenient for Pre-Hospital

Unlike patient care in the controlled environment of a healthcare facility, care and transports by EMS presents unique challenges. The nature of the setting, enclosed space during transport, frequent need for rapid medical decision-making, interventions with limited information, and a varying range of patient acuity and jurisdictional healthcare resources all demand uniquely convenient and comfortable PPE. SALUS HC meets those demands.

  • All-in-one on-the-go respiratory protection
  • Designed to fit close and high to the body
  • Short breathing tube helps to prevent snag hazards
  • Uninhibited range of movement
  • Soft yet durable foam molds to all body types, in all situations including Ambulance, Helicopter, & Emergency Response

Designed for Clinicians

Hospital professionals face hazardous working conditions with potential exposures to a variety of toxic and infectious agents requiring respirator use to protect against respiratory infections. Respiratory protection continues to evolve, providing greater protection, convenience and more comfort. Powered respirators provide many advantages over disposable masks and traditional PAPR designs.

  • Shoulder carriage evenly distributes weight across wearer’s center of gravity
  • Unrestricted maneuverability
  • Easy donning, doffing and decon – more time for you and your patients
  • Single button operation at your fingertips
  • Carriage release hook for quick and safe doffing
  • Sensory attunement – clarity in hearing and visibility
Salus on doctor's back
Salus Doctor Nurse hallway

The logical choice for Administrators

It’s essential to keep HCPs safe during patient care and limit respiratory infections. When selecting respirators, healthcare administration should assess durability, appropriateness for the environment and task at hand, comfort, easy of deployment, training resources and availability. SALUS HC delivers on all of these priorities.

  • Confidence in protection
  • Manufactured KY, U.S.A
  • Dedicated training support
  • Ease of deployment
  • High level of acceptance and compliance
  • Designed for efficient one-person donning, doffing and general operations
  • Long term savings as compared with disposable respiratory protection
  • Bullard Tough – exceeds abusive rigorous performance tests

Salus features



"It's so much lighter than the PAPR I had purchased previously... much easier to don and doff. Invisible, you are wearing it on your chest and it doesn't weigh you down."
"I like the air that blows in, not as hot and stuffy, it's not breaking down my face, it's not pressing down on my ears, not putting pressure on my face."
"When I wear it I feel like I am not carrying any extra weight, the way it's designed feels lighter."
"As the infection preventionist, my goal is to find safe reliable products for patient care, a deciding factor, ease, functionality, durability, the SALUS product covers all."

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