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TI Case Study: Mid-Size Department

•   Career Dept   •   Funding: Budgeted   •   Recommended Models: QXT & TXS   •

Thermal Imager Deployment Case Study

The TI fleet manager for this career fire department needed high durability decision-making thermal imagers that were easy to maintain in the field.

Department Specs

Firefighter Ron Stenger of Colerain Township Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Service in Ohio manages a fleet of 37 imagers for use on-scene and in training. Easy and complete fleet management is a priority for him.

  • Department Size: 150
  • Population Served: 60,000
  • Annual Runs: 12,000
  • Thermal Imagers in Service: 37

Advice from Colerain Fire Department

Look at Durability, Warranty, Customer Service

“Durability is key for us. We want to be able to do basic maintenance…changing out the rubber boot and basic field-replaceable items to keep our fleet in service.”

Decision-Making vs. Situational Awareness

“Know the difference in decision-making thermal imagers and situational awareness imagers. We were ready to move to all decision-making imagers.”

Everyone Needs to Be Able to See

“These imagers enhance firefighter safety. With this deployment and good training, everyone can see. TIs are just a tool, though…each firefighter also needs to rely on basic firefighting skills, even with a TI in hand.”

Deployment ModelThermal imager deployment model 37

Colerain Fire Department deploys thermal imagers to all officers, each jump seat, ladder truck, drivers, and rescue crew. This fleet of thermal imagers also supports the training department, local police, and K9 unit.

Ideal models for this type of deployment strategy would be QXT or the NFPA 1801-Certified NXT imagers for officers and rescue, and the intuitive TXS models for most others, getting more eyes on the fire at all times.

talk to an expert to find which imagers fit best for your department
Research Bullard THermal Imager specs and options

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