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TI Case Study: Volunteer Fire Department

•   Volunteer Dept   •   Funding: Community Fundraising   •   Recommended Models: QXT & TXS   •

Thermal Imager Deployment Case Study

The chief of this volunteer department raised funds with hands-on demos to add two thermal imagers to his fleet, giving every crew a decision-making TI.

Department Specs

Fire Chief Jay Alley of Gerton Fire Department in North Carolina leads a volunteer department that understands the importance of getting thermal imagers in the hands of as many firefighters as possible.

  • Department Size: 21 Volunteer; 1 Paid
  • Population Served: 900
  • Annual Runs: 180
  • Thermal Imagers in Service: 3

Advice from Gerton Fire Department

⇒ Compare Side-by-Side

“When choosing a new imager, put them side by side. We did it in a live burn situation. The clarity, pitch, and imagery will help you choose an imager.”

⇒ Don't Forget the Versatility

“We regularly use imagers for night searches, motor vehicle accidents, and haz mat. TI isn't just for fire scenes.”

⇒ Show and Tell for Fundraising

“We had a demo TXS model on-hand for people to see and use during our open house fundraiser, and we raised all the money for two TXS units just with this event.”

⇒ More Imagers in More Hands

“This is the right solution for us. When our firefighters make interior attack, each crew has a TI.”

Deployment ModelVolunteer Fire Department Thermal Imagers

Gerton Fire Department deploys one advanced thermal imager to the chief, and a lightweight decision making thermal imager on each of the two first-out engines.

An excellent fit for this department profile and deployment model is one advanced decision-making thermal imager such as QXT, and two lightweight decision making thermal imagers that are still budget-conscious, such as TXS.

talk to an expert to find which imagers fit best for your department
Research Bullard THermal Imager specs and options

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